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Top 10 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona

Are you traveling to Barcelona and are you a vegan or vegetarian? Perfect!

In this blog post we share the 10 best vegan and best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona with you.

Will I find good vegan and vegetarian options in Barcelona?

Spain has historically been a country of meat, fish and tapas. It is not very natural for the regular Spaniard to eat vegetarian or even vegan food. Fortunately there are traditional tapas such as “espinacas a la Catalana”: spinach in a Catalan preparation, “berenjenas rellenadas”: stuffed aubergines or “escalivada”, salad of roasted vegetables.

But it gets even better. Barcelona, as a hipster and cosmopolitan city, knows how to cook and live healthy. Here there are numerous modern restaurants that serve vegetable cooking and vegetarian options. We are happy to share our 10 favorite places with you in this article. Have you tried other nice restaurants? Let us know and we will be happy to complete this list!

The 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

This cozy restaurant in Poblenou is our current favorite! No large kitchen, but friendly and calm service. Good wine, good food, attention for you as a customer and a play area for the children. GREAT.

Stylish, tasty, hip. Roots & Rolls in Barcelona has it all! This place goes for a vegan kitchen with a focus on sushi but also delicious stews. You will find Asian cuisine here with numerous vegetarian variations. Curries, sushi and so much more. Yummy!

In the meantime Flax & Kale has become so popular that for those who regularly travel to Barcelona, ​​this place needs little extra explanation. This brother of the famous Teresa Carles serves not only vegetarian but flexitarian dishes: something for everyone.

It is a large restaurant that is very successful so it is not immediately a place for an intimate experience. They have now opened 2 restaurants and are also collaborating with H&M. The food in the restaurant in El Raval is inspired by classic dishes such as lasagna, tacos and pasta. The chips made from Kale are really delicious! Eating at Flax & Kale in El Borne is however cosier and in our opinion a little more tasty! The food here is inspired by sushi and Asian cuisine. Their juices are so tasty and refreshing we want to keep going back….

  1. Rasoterra

In the cosy Gothic district, you can go to Rasoterra. A small restaurant that offers slow vegan food. From Asian bao to croquettes filled with spinach… Order a good wine with your food and a cosy evening is guaranteed. After or before you can take a walk in the cosy Gothic district.

  1. Teresa Carles: the big sister of Flax & Kale at Universitat – remains wonderfully vegetarian!

  2. The Green Spot near Barceloneta

Qualitative and also extremely popular with the locals

Creative, innovative and also popular with the locals

Vegetarian lunch in Barcelona

  1. Pan’s Club in El Borne for a tasty, healthy lunch

  2. Väcka in the Gracia district for delicious smoothies and vegan burgers. Ideal place for lunch – not for dinner!

Cooking healthy in Barcelona

Have you rented an apartment or are you living in Barcelona? Then you can easily cook healthy yourself. Nothing better than the wonderful fresh food markets and many organic shops with delicious vegetables, nuts, seeds and other food for vegetarian or vegan customers.

Visit the nicest food markets in Barcelona

  1. These are for example Mercat del Ninot and

  2. Mercat Santa Catarina in El Borne. All kinds of vegetables and exotic fruit are beautifully displayed at the sellers. There are also vegetarian burgers made from tofu, soy or seitan that you can cook yourself!

Go to the best organic stores in Barcelona

The healthy Veritas chain is by now everywhere in town. You can almost find it in all distrcits.

And the quiet neighborhoods of Gràcia and Poblenou have good organic shops.


  1. Organic market in Carrer Asturies, n22

  2. Gra de gràcia for grains, nuts and seeds in Carrer del Cigne, 10, 08012 Barcelona


  1. La Vida Meva in Carrer de Marià Aguiló, 68, 08005 Barcelona

  2. La Comunal on the Rambla del Poblenou, n19

  3. Yesfuture Positive Supermarket in Carrer de Viladomat 66, 08015 Barcelona  @yesfuture_positive_supermarket

Rest of Barcelona

  1. The VERITAS chain can be found everywhere in the city of Barcelona in the year 2020. Here you can buy ecological, organic products such as breakfast cereals, spreads for sandwiches, but also vegetables and fruit, and even organic diapers and baby food.

If you have any question or an additional recommendation, please let us know!

¡Con Mucho Gusto!


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