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9 Things to do in Barcelona

Have you been to Barcelona several times or is it your first time?

In this blog post I  share with you my 9 favorite things to do in our cosmopolitan city.

  1. Go to a fresh food market and take your time to enjoy the quality products you will find there. Food tastes better when it´s made and sold with love. From the delicious Jamón Iberico, eggs in all shapes and sizes, over cheeses from all over Europe and of course fresh fish.

Enjoy and eat your heart out! In all markets you also have at least 1 bar where you can taste a portion of this delicious jamón or drink a cup of coffee, cava or wine. My favorite markets are: Mercat de la Llibertat in Gracia, Mercat del Ninot and Mercat de Provençals.

On your first day in the city, take an English-speaking private guide and discover places that you cannot find yourself in Barcelona. You admire beautiful buildings, get a good explanation about them and easily find the true hidden gems. Your guide also gives you good tips for the coming days. Contact us for a customized route!

  1. Discover the Gracia district and immerse yourself in the local Catalan culture. You will also find Art Nouveau gems here. And the atmosphere here is real, friendly … Less tourists. Lovely. In terms of food, drinks, boutiques, and families gathering on the squares. You can watch people for hours on a terrace … This is vacation!

  2. Go eat fresh fish in the afternoon or evening at restaurant La Paradeta. Those who don’t know the concept yet: this works like a fresh market. You buy and choose your fresh fish first, but afterwards it is prepared for you on the spot! My favorite La Paradeta is in Carrer del Consell de Cent, 318, 08007 Barcelona because you can also sit here comfortably and the quality is really good.

  1. Have brunch in one of the delicious brunch bars in Barcelona. My favorites are Tropico and Caravelle in El Raval. Delicious!

  1. Discover one of the beautiful mountain ranges that surround Barcelona. Near the city you have the Collserola nature reserve where you can go for a walk with one of our guides and then discover the Tibidabo amusement park. A little further you have Montserrat. Great for hiking.

  1. Go to the sea. During the winter months, spring and fall it is quiet on the beach of Barcelona. During the summer you can enjoy more space and tranquility in the adjacent coastal town of Badalona. Take the train or metro and you will be there within 40 minutes!

  1. Visit the Graveyard of Poblenou or Montjuïc. Here you will be amazed by the art that was created in the 18th century for the wealthy families of the city. Elegant, grotesque, sober, sometimes sad, sometimes cheerful. These two cemeteries are real hidden gems in Barcelona.

  1. Enter a museum! Discover the colourful Catalan art from Joan Miro, or view an exhibition at the beautiful Fundació Antoni Tàpies. My favorite museums are that of Joan Miro or Pablo Picasso. And afterwards take a souvenir from the gift shop!

What are your favorite things to do in Barcelona? Let me know by commenting below

Lots of love,


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