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Why did we change our company name?

Why change your company name if your business did well for the past 5 years and you have satisfied customers?

You can probably guess already … Changing names as a company is a very big decision!

Believe me, it took some serious thinking, conversations and research before BroodenTomaat became Mucho Gusto Tours.

A little background:

BroodenTomaat was founded in 2013 by Ingeborg. She started immediately with unique private tours in Barcelona for the Dutch market. The name BroodenTomaat is the translation of a Catalan tapas dish, the basis of a tapas evening: pan con tomate or in Catalan… Pa amb tomàquet.

In 2018 I started to run the company. With many satisfied customers in Belgium and the Netherlands, brand awareness, and a good online position, there was no reason to change the Dutch name for this market.

It took a few months to weigh things up, to test different scenarios and to conduct research. But little by little I felt more confident about the decision. Now that we are almost 3 months later and Mucho Gusto Tours is starting to live as a brand, I can only confirm that it was a good decision.

But still!

Why change the name?

As a new owner, you have to define your direction, and set your own goals. A new name was certainly not a priority, but the goals I have made the name change a must.

As a Dutch-speaking company it makes sense that most of our customers come from Belgium and the Netherlands. But in order to continue to grow as a company and to use the language skills of our guides, we also want to attract English speaking, Spanish, French or German customers. With the name BroodenTomaat we had difficulty reaching those travelers. So we came up with a Spanish name that many people can pronounce: Mucho Gusto Tours!

Mucho Gusto means: Nice to meet you. That sounds cheerful, energetic and grateful. These are characteristics in which I recognize the guides and myself a lot!

We believe Barcelona is a fantastic place, we are very happy that we live and work here and we want to share our knowledge with you. For me it was important to include that open attitude in the name.

The first company I founded is called Mucho Gusto Accessible Travel and organizes wheelchair-accessible trips to Barcelona: This is therefore a wheelchair-friendly line from the Mucho Gusto company.

We (the guides and myself) are excited and see the future bright and optimistic.

Feel free to let us know what you think of the name change by posting a comment below!

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Love, Esther!

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