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Where to eat near the bike shop El Ciclo?

Are you planning a Barcelona bike tour with Mucho Gusto Tours?

Prepare for a blissful, relaxed experience in Barcelona. No large groups, but an intimate atmosphere with your English-speaking guide. After the bike tour in Barcelona, ​​many clients ask their guide where they can go for a lunch or dinner. Preferably close to the bike shop El Ciclo where we will return the bikes after the tour. Why not prepare your holidays and take a look at the following options for after the Barcelona bike tour. This way, you can share these options with your travel partners and get excited!

Important: if you come to Barcelona with a larger group, you better book a table in advance.

Good restaurants in the Gothic Quarter, near the bike shop

The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is quite touristy so it’s best to check in advance where you want to go. Our partner, the charming bike shop, El Ciclo has some excellent options close by.

Traditional Catalan food

  1. For a local and traditional experience: eat out in Los Caracoles. Try their delicious paella with chicken, you smell it from afar, and enjoy the show the waiters put on. Don`t worry if they seem a bit stiff, this is just the typical Catalan service, a part of the experience in Los Caracoles.

Brunch in the Gothic Quarter

  1. A new place is Enkel, very centrally located. You can have a delicious brunch here. Google Maps:

  2. Federal Café in the Gothic Quarter is always a good option. Good breakfast and many options for lunch, delicious coffees and a fresh, modern interior. It is also a popular space to work with the laptop during the day. It can get busy here around 1 and 2 pm during the weekends. Google Maps:

Modern kitchen

  1. Gran Viana is suitable for lunch as well as for cocktails and refined dinner. Google Maps:

  2. The modern restaurant Ocaña is located on one of the most beautiful squares in Barcelona, ​​Plaza Real. It is worth going for the food and the stunning, beautiful interior. The place is also perfect also for a larger group. Google Maps:

Tasty restaurants in El Raval

The bike shop El Ciclo is right near the famous Ramblas. If you cross Las Ramblas, you will immediately arrive in El Raval. Think a multi cultural atmosphere, and you immediately get a mix of interesting restaurants.

Tapas in El Raval

  1. Do you want to try typical Spanish food in Barcelona? Then crossing the Rambla to the charming Bar Cañete is a good idea for high-level tapas! Google Maps:

  2. A short walk on the Ramblas also takes you to the famous Boquería Market, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the fresh market at El Quim and enjoy the best of the Mediterranean cuisine. Google Maps:

Tropico for brunch in El Raval

  1. Nice interior, delicious smoothies and tasty brunch dishes from all over the world. Instagram worthy but most of all : never disappointing. Enjoy! Google Maps :

This is our list for now, if you want to add any nice restaurants in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, please do so by commenting below!

¡Con Mucho Gusto!


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