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Visit Fundació Foto Colectania

Looking for a fun activity during the winter in Barcelona, or on a rainy day?

Why not go and see photography and then take a pleasant walk through the magnificent El Borne district. Stroll, have a coffee, go inside the Fundació Foto Colectania, share some tapas and a wine after… Sounds like a plan?

What is the Fundació Foto Colectania?

This is a cozy building near the Ciutadella park and a private non-profit foundation dedicated to photography. Beautiful, interesting photos are exhibited, photographers are invited and lectures are organized.

The Fundació Foto Colectania started in 2002 and has since then built up a good name with its seminars and exhibitions.

Here you are encouraged to think critically through the exhibitions and activities that they organize. For example, they also offer a tour with an explanation of a photography exhibition in the large art museum MNAC in Barcelona.

More than 60 Spanish and Portuguese photographers from the year 1950 to today have exhibited photos at Foto Colectania. Barcelona talent but also international names come over to speak here.

The foundation keeps its important photos in a room that meets all standards with the perfect humidity and temperature to preserve the photos as well as possible. The heirs of photographer Francisco Gómez, for example, donated his photos to the foundation in 2001 because they know it is in good hands here. The condition was that Gómez would be promoted here.

You can also become a local member and consult the specialized library with more than 3000 works by Spanish and Portuguese authors.

Foto Colectania has won great prizes for what they do and attracts a diverse audience in Barcelona.

Location Foto Colectania

The foundation is very well located, close to the pleasant El Borne district and the city park. Also Aire Baths, a wellness and spa, is on the same street. And they are close to the delightful restaurant Elsa & Fred or Bormuth for tapas. Did we say this was perfect for a pleasant winter afternoon?


Address: Passeig de Picasso, 14, 08003 Barcelona

Ticket: € 4

¡Con Mucho Gusto!


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