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Traveling with kids to Barcelona – what to do?

Going on a city trip with the kids is fantastic but entertaining all family members at the same time can sometimes be quite a challenge! You ideally find a balance between spending time with the family, creating unique moments, relaxing and enjoying some visits or moments for yourself. What to do when traveling with kids to Barcelona?

Read our recommendations here!

Top 15 with original activities for a city trip with the kids to Barcelona

1. Family bike tour through Barcelona

An active, educational and enjoyable activity for the whole family in Barcelona. Taking a family bike ride with an English speaking guide is a perfect way to cross Barcelona’s many neighborhoods and get a quick first impression of the city. Barcelona is a bike-friendly city and continues to develop new bike paths. For many families it is a relief to go out with their own private guide. The guide will gladly adjust the rhythm and stories to the needs of the children and will tailor your family. If you have questions about this tour in Barcelona, ​​or just want to book it, feel free to contact us!

2. Visit Park Guëll

One of the most beautiful parks in Europe, inspired by Hansel and Gretel and designed by the local hero, Antoni Gaudí. The park really is stunning and a green oasis, far up, overlooking the city. Highly recommended with children. Most of the park is free, and you can walk around it for at least an hour. The monumental zone with the famous benches, the mosaics and the houses inspired by Hansel and Gretel is a paid zone. For this zone you better buy a ticket in advance because the queues and waiting times are large. If you have purchased a ticket in advance, you can Skip The Line.

You can buy a ticket for the monumental zone here, or book a family e-bike ride to Park Guell with your private guide in Barcelona.

3. Painting à la Picasso in Barcelona

This is the perfect private activity for a creative family. During a morning in Barcelona you first go for a guided walking tour and then … to a painting workshop! Your English-speaking guide first takes you through La Vila de Gràcia in Barcelona. Gràcia is the creative district of Barcelona. This tour is 100% child-friendly and also has a few surprises in store for the youngest participants. After the walk you arrive in a cozy creative studio where the Dutch artist Onke is waiting for you. She will introduce you to the paintings of Picasso and Miró in an enthusiastic way. You start immediately afterwards and create your own portrait. All this in a relaxed and relaxed environment. No previous painting or art experience is required, you just enjoy creating. After the workshop you take your artwork home as a souvenir. Onke is a teacher and loves children, so this activity is perfect for families. Book it here!

4. Explore coastal towns

The beaches and towns near Barcelona are child friendly and accessible by train from Barcelona. The big advantage during the summer is that the beaches here are much nicer and quieter than in the city of Barcelona. The best beaches and coastal towns in Barcelona at a glance:

North of Barcelona:

Badalona Vilassar de Mar Premià de Mar.

South of Barcelona

Garraf Sitges – better to avoid July and August, which is high season Castelldefels

5. Picnic in the Parc de la Ciutadella

The most beautiful park in the center of Barcelona is the Parc de la Ciutadella. A beautiful fountain, green grass and a friendly atmosphere. Here you can perfectly organise a spontaneous picnic with the family. Lovely to blend in with the locals who are celebrating a birthday, meditating, playing music or just reading a book.

6. Workshop making chocolate

An original activity for the children in Barcelona. During this morning you go for a walking tour with your private guide in La Vila de Gràcia, and afterwards make delicious chocolate with Maryse. Maryse speaks perfect Spanish and English and loves children very much. This tour is 100% child-friendly and also has a few surprises in store for the youngest participants. After the tour you arrive in the creative studio. She will initiate you passionately in the world of chocolate. In a very easy way you will learn everything about how you evolve from a cocoa bean to chocolate pieces. You get started right away and create your own delicious chocolate. All this in a relaxed and relaxed environment. After the workshop you take your chocolate back as a souvenir. A unique moment for you and your family. You can book the tour here or contact us if you have any questions!

7. Visit Tibidabo

The best views of Barcelona you can head to Tibidabo. This mountain is 512 meters high and is the highest peak around Barcelona. You can easily reach the place from Barcelona. The name comes from the Latin Bible. It says: I will give you. The devil spoke these words temptingly to Jesus as they looked down together from an extremely high mountain on the human life that took place below. Here you will find the relatively unknown but beautiful church, Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor with the iconic Jesus statue on top.

The construction of the church took place in different phases, from 1902 – 1961. In 1886 a small chapel was built here that is still there. For the World Exhibition in Barcelona of 1888, the site was developed : there was a street and a pavilion. However, construction was difficult because an astrological observatory was also built just a little further away. Eric Sagnier was the architect of the church and Frederic Mares designed the first Jesus statue. Be sure to take the elevator up to Jesus with the best views of Barcelona on a day with blue skies.

Besides the beautiful church you also have the oldest attraction park in Spain and 3rd oldest in Europe. The park itself has a dozen attractions and you can either purchase individual tickets per attraction or a ticket so that you can do everything. Perfect for iconic photos with a view of Barcelona.

Practically: You can easily get to Tibidabo with the Tibibus from Plaza Catalunya, or with a private guide who will take you and show you the best of the mountain.

For the sporty families : you can take very nice walks here in the Collserola nature reserve. Here you will find wild snakes, wild boar and especially peace and fresh air. You can take the FGC train from Plaza Catalunya and walk or even cycle from Vallvidrera.

8. Explore Montjuïc

The Montjuïc is 185 meters high and located right by the harbor and at Plaza Espana in Barcelona. Here you have dozens of family friendly places you can discover with the children… Think of the Botanical Gardens, the castle, the big slides in Poble Espanyol … Read our separate blog post for all tips.

In the evening you and your family can also watch the Magic Fountains at Plaza Espana: a light show with music at the fountains.

PS: Would you like the comfort of a guide and someone who will guide you on the mountain? Then book the Barcelona e-bike tour with a private guide who will only take your family to Montjuïc. This makes the bike ride interesting and fun for both children and parents!

9. Eating a cake at We Pudding

A nice bar in Barcelona for children, but just as much for the parents! A cozy café where young and old like to come. Both good quiches and delicious cakes, that’s We Pudding! This cafe is really cute for the kids. In the back you can read books and it looks like a play paradise, but because of the delicious cakes, coffee and other goodies, the older generation also likes to come here. Cozy, cheerful and sweet. The nearest metro stop is Passeig de Gracia.

Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 90, 08010 Barcelona


10. Aquarium Barcelona

11. Hiking in Montserrat – excursion

For the sporty families who like to go for a walk in breathtaking mountains: Montserrat is definitely worth it. You can also book a tour and read this post for all practical information.

12. Columbus statue

The Colombus statue is near the harbor. You don’t expect it, but you can take a tiny elevator up here in this statue! A revelation when the World Exhibition of 1888 took place. Today one of the most beautiful views of Barcelona. You can go up with 3 pax at the same time. Really worth it.

You can easily buy a ticket here.

13. Barcelona cable car

Beautiful views over Montjuïc, the green hill next to Barcelona. Here you can relax during your city trip. You can easily buy a ticket here.

14. Museo de las Ilusiones

15. Hop on Hop off Bus

For a first time visitor, the hop on hop off bus is great. The kids love sitting on top of the bus and you learn about the highlights while navigating the city.

16. Urban jungle at Forum

For the adventurous and active members of the family : an urban jungle right by the beach.

Do you have questions or suggestions about what to do when traveling with kids to Barcelona?

Do not hesitate and contact us! You can also also always send us an email for a customized tour.

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