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La Pubilla in Gràcia for the best menú del día in Barcelona

Last week, we had one of the best lunches ever in Barcelona. A menú del día that stands out from the others, in the cosy Gràcia district.

Why does it stand out from the other lunch places in Barcelona?

The food immediately looked different to us because of the elegance of the plates, the presentation and the care about the flavours. This lunch spot really goes one or two levels higher than the average lunch place in Barcelona.

The owners reinterpret the traditional Catalan recipes. They work with seasonal products and since they are located right in front of the beautiful Llibertat market, they can always buy fresh & local products.

We are in autumn right now, so we had the luck to try the starter with sweet potato and blood sausage. Elegant, tasty and it looked wonderful. The pear dessert was also very simple but delicious.

We sat at the bar, in between the locals. It was delicious and lovely!

Practical information

La Pubilla is a very small restaurant, so go early or even better : call them to make a reservation.

Price : 16 euros for a lunch menu including a starter, a main, a dessert and a drink

Address : Plaça de la Llibertat, 23, 08012 Barcelona

Website :

Private guide

Would you like to discover one of the most beautiful and authentic neighborhoods of Barcelona with a guide? Book the guided tour in Gràcia here.

¡Con Mucho Gusto!


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