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Kayaking along the Costa Brava

¡Hola! My name is Céleste, I am 20 years old and study communication management in Ghent. I’m doing an internship in Barcelona at Mucho Gusto Tours until the end of June. I love bustling Barcelona, but occasionally I can also enjoy the tranquility of the nature that surrounds the city. I usually go jogging, walking or rock climbing to escape the hustle. This weekend, however, I did something completely different: kayaking along the Costa Brava!


Together with my boyfriend, my sister and her husband, I booked the excursion of Tamariu North with a guide at Kayaking Costa Brava. We rented a car in Barcelona to drive to the starting point. The ride took about one and a half hour. Because we arrived far too early, we made a short walk along the coast of Tamariu. At noon we had lunch in a pizzeria on the beach to gain strength for the kayak trip.

At 15h we gathered together with a few other people who had booked the trip on the beach at the kayaks. The guides had already put the kayaks near the water so we didn’t have to drag them ourselves. Before we got into the water, our guide gave us a brief explanation about the basics of kayaking: How to paddle, what to do when you fall into the water, etc.


We got a paddle, a safety vest and a helmet. Once everyone was comfortable in his kayak, we were good to leave. A second guide followed us from a distance with a motorised boat. He could take someone in case they were too tired or sick. We sailed along the rough coastline with our guide on the head. He regularly stopped to share things about the rocks and the history of the Costa Brava. At one point he stopped in shallower water and fetched a sea urchin from the water. We were allowed to hold the prickly animal while he gave us an explanation.

Then the trip got a little bit more adventurous. We sailed between the rocks along the coast and finally came to the first cave. The guide led us through the opening and gave some more explanation about it. After a bit of sailing along the rocks we arrived at the second cave; Cova d’en Gispert. This one was a lot bigger than the first. The guide led us with a flashlight through the tunnel. When everyone arrived at the end of the cave, he shone his light upward on a few groups of bats on the ceiling. Amazing!


After the second cave we started the trip back. On the way we found a place on the coast somewhere to rest for half an hour. The guides had a small snack and drink provided for us. During the break we saw two more different jellyfish swimming over. One of the two we were allowed to touch. A special experience! Then we left towards Tamariu.


At the end of the tour we stayed in Tamariu for dinner in one of the restaurants along the beach. Then we drove back to Barcelona by car.


• Rental car in advance capturing is recommended! The ride takes about 90 min. • Parking in Tamariu is no problem at all! It is not a large town and has clear indications to parkings. • Kayaking Costa Brava keeps all your belongings in a closet that is locked during the excursion. There is also always someone present there. You can give the guide to stuff you like to take on the water. He puts all the stuff in a waterproof bag. • Useful things to take with you: T-shirt that can get wet, swimwear, water shoes and sunscreen.

You can book the tour on this page

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