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El 58…

The best restaurant in Poblenou and our favorite restaurant in Barcelona at the moment is El 58.

Most important. The quality of the tapas is just outstanding. No greasy tapas but elegant food made with love. The wines are great and very reasonably priced. And the service is good, fast and friendly. From calamari to fried eggplant, ribs, tuna and dessert. Nothing disappoints, it just all tastes great!

The restaurant is perfect for a date night but also for a friends and family moment or even a team event in Barcelona. Our son (2 years old) happily finishes a whole risotto plate by himself. Our 84 year old grandmother loves the raw tuna dish and our dog is allowed to come inside as well. El 58 just ticks all the boxes !

El 58 is located on the lovely Rambla del Poblenou, where you still have a great local feeling in Barcelona. It is definitely the best restaurant in Poblenou! Go go go!

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