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El Árbol for brunch and cake in Barcelona

Nice brunch in Barcelona

Last week we tested El Árbol in Carrer Aribau in the Eixample district. With a location close to the famous Brunch & Cake, the comparison is easily made. El Árbol is less Instagram focussed but has the coziness of a larger, warmer place. As a client you are also not seated as closely together as in Brunch & Cake. At El Árbol you can certainly pick a delicious brunch and a delicious piece of cake.

What did we choose?

The Spiced Chai Tea Latte was one of the best I have ever drunk! Really perfect. You also have the choice between a Chai Latte with Matcha and Kurkama.

Being pregnant, I also chose a piece of carrot cake. The other choices were vegan carrot cake, strawberry cake and red velvet. It was really delicious! You best share a piece of cake because the portions are too large for 1 person. And that makes the experience even more enjoyable. You see mothers and daughters, friends & girlfriends, colleagues and couples.

The rest of the menu

On the menu you have typical brunch dishes such as Eggs Benedict, Toasts, Smoothies, Bagels, Salads and even a pasta.

The service is very friendly and the employees are happy to help you make the right choice! We will definitely be back the next time we want to have brunch in Barcelona.


Address: El Árbol, Carrer Aribau 36, 08011 Barcelona, ​​Spain and also Passeig Sant Joan 33


¡Con Mucho Gusto and have a great New Year!


PS: Do you want to discover more delicious places to have food during your holiday in Barcelona? Then book a delicious tapas tour through Barcelona with your English-speaking guide. You’ll discover the tastiest tapas restaurants and unknown streets in the Old City.

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