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Corporate trip to Barcelona for the Kerssens company

Early September 2019 was a highlight for Mucho Gusto Tours. After an entire year of planning, the weekend arrived. The Kerssens company from the Netherlands celebrated their 40th anniversary in Barcelona with their staff and partners. We were involved and responsible to set up the company event for 50 people … It was a fantastic experience!

The owners of the company wanted to treat their staff and partners to a nice city trip to Barcelona. For this they worked together with Annemieke van ‘t Hof from De Vergadertafel from the Netherlands. Annemieke was responsible for the contact with the business managers and translated their wishes to us to then propose local partners and activities.

As soon as the 50 customers and Annemieke landed at El Prat airport, Mucho Gusto Tours was ready to receive them for a relaxing 3-day city trip in Barcelona.

What services have we offered for this team building in Barcelona?

In advance :

  1. Hotel reservation for the company in Barcelona. We were also in charge of communications for upgrades, changes, payments etc.

  2. Setting up the program for the entire corporate trip in Barcelona tailored to the company. This includes pirvate transfers, Dutch-speaking guides, scouting unique local partners and delivery of materials.

  3. Reservation of all restaurants.

  4. We also booked tickets for Camp Nou and of course … Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia.

During their stay :

Check, check, double check: does each partner still have the correct time, number and good information?

Day 1

  1. Personal pick up at the airport in Barcelona with private bus.

  2. Drop suitcases at the hotel.

  3. Tasty brunch at Tropico.

  4. Private bike tour for the company in Barcelona. We split the company into six groups in order to have a cosy feeling during the tour.  Each group went with their own guide. Two clients were not able to walk well, so for them we had provided a colorful rickshaw. A comfortable option and that way they could join the rest of the group during the bike tour. Each group made a tapas stop en route in the sun. Pure pleasure!

  5. In the evening we reserved a delicious Catalan restaurant with paella in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

Day 2

  1. Visiting Sagrada Familia or Camp Nou in the morning, with a private driver and bus

  2. Team lunch in Eixample

  3. Free afternoon

  4. Spectacular dinner in an exclusive location. For the last evening, the dinner had to be a little special. We found a medieval palace that only opens for private events in the Gothic Quarter. At first the customers were introduced to the location during a tour. There was also a quality flamenco show, during the reception and the dinner. Flamenco is the famous Spanish dance from the South, and is also danced at a high level in Barcelona. The customers enjoyed good food and drinks, the owner was able to give a personal speech and as icing on the cake there was a beautiful fire spectacle at the end of the evening.

Day 3

  1. Private boat trip on the Mediterranean Sea with lunch. Enjoy the sun and tranquility …

  2. Private transfer to El Prat airport

  3. Return flight

“I can highly recommend Esther as a professional, reliable, creative, friendly and out of the box thinking partner for all your private/business events and incentive trips in Barcelona. It was a pleasure working with you Esther! Muchas gracias!” Annemieke van ’t Hof van De Vergadertafel.

Fair is fair! Annemieke communicated a lot with the clients and this made our work on site easy.

The participants were real dream customers, the team atmosphere was just perfect. As a result, the organization of the event went more than smoothly, and the customers were so grateful and interested that this made the city trip even better. During the tours, the customers asked all the questions they had. FANTASTIC to say goodbye to the customer with a more than satisfied feeling on both sides.

¡Hasta la próxima!

Con Mucho Gusto


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