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Boa-Bao for Asian food in Barcelona

Boa-Bao, a new discovery in Barcelona

Since we discovered Boa – Bao, we realised you don’t actually have to go to a specific Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese or Japanese restaurant. At Boa-Bao you immediately have a choice of tasty Asian food in Barcelona! Located in upscale Eixample, it is one of the nicest places in Barcelona to have lunch.


Boa-Bao is on the corner of the beautiful street Enric Granados, but does everything to also make you feel good inside. The service is pleasant and friendly. The interior is pretty dark but well thought out and cozy. You get a menu, designed carefully and full of travel references, a specially designed wine list, etc … The tables in front of the kitchen are a bit close together but it is not disturbing either.

Here you can really eat delicious Asian food in Barcelona. You have enough choice on the menu and it is not even expensive. They also have special cocktails for those who come by in the evening.

We tasted the delicious soup as a starter, sweet potato noodles with beef as a main course and had a chamomile tea for dessert. The main course also came with a lot of vegetables, a nice surprise as it was not mentioned on the menu. Perfect!


Right near the famous Rambla de Catalunya and even more famous Passeig de Gracia you’ll find the beautiful street Enric Granados. In this street you can really enjoy the Eixample district, the upscale Barcelona. Beautiful houses, palm trees, beautiful restaurants and bars … But being in this street does not always mean that you also serve quality.


The daily menu costs less than € 15 and you get a drink, starter, main meal and dessert for this. In the evening and also in the afternoon you can also order individual dishes from the menu. Don’t forget the cocktails :=)


Address: Plaça del Dr. Letamendi, 1, 08007 Barcelona, ​​España


¡Con Mucho Gusto!


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