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Bike Shop El Ciclo

There are numerous bike shops in Barcelona, ​​but there is only one cosy bike shop, full of recycled bike art: El Ciclo! Artist and bike shop owner Ramiro Sobral runs his original business since 2013 in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. Located in an ancient building that was once a ceramics factory and later a butcher’s shop. Ramiro has his own vision and recycles everything.

You can now see the bike locks attached to the old meat hooks. Ramiro decorates the shop with bike parts and repairs broken stairs with tires, makes a table out of chains. He collects hundreds of bike parts he wants to re-use and turns them into a lamp, or an accessory such as a bracelet.

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As you can see, the lamps are amazingly crafty and elegant.

The partnership between Mucho Gusto Tours and El Ciclo is fantastic. Our clients receive a warm welcome in the shop and feel at ease because of the personality, enthusiasm and atmosphere of El Ciclo. We love supporting local, small businesses who have an authentic character and vision.

And lovely Dorotea is always around to give you a warm cuddle!

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