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Barcelona with the kids : Water Park

Are you traveling to Barcelona with the kids this summer? Perfect!

Definitely try the new water park in the Parque Joan Miró.

The children can take a refreshing dip in the new water park in the center of Barcelona, ​​between the locals. The park is close to the Sants – Montjuïc and Poble Sec districts. You could perfectly combine the activity with exploring Montjuïc as a family.


  1. The water park is suitable for children up to 12 years

  2. The entrance costs 1.60 eur

  3. Up to 120 people can enter the park at the same time

  4. The park is open from June 25th to September 6th, from 10 am to 8 pm

Address: Joan Miró park, Carrer d’Aragó, 2, 08015 Barcelona

Would you like to combine the water park with something in the neighborhood? Then continue reading to discover our favorite places or discover the best of Montjuïc with a private guide that takes you to the secret places on the mountain …

Top 11 Montjuïc for Barcelona with the kids

  1. two cable cars for the kids

  2. two! Botanical gardens: 1 free and 1 paying

  3. a cactus garden

  4. the equestrian center where you can have lunch: Hipica La Foixarda

  5. castle of Montjuic

  6. the colorful, child-friendly Joan Miró museum

  7. Olympic Stadium

  8. Montjuïc Olympic swimming pool and outdoor swimming pool

  9. Greek gardens to walk around in

  10. the artistic cemetery full of beautiful sculptures and art Cementerio de Montjuïc

  11. the large slides in the Spanish village: Poble Espanyol

In the evening you and your family can also watch the Magic Fountains at Plaza Espana: a light show with music at the fountains.

PS: Would you prefer the comfort of a guide and someone who w  ill guide you on the mountain? Then book the private e-bike tour with an English-speaking guide who will take your family to Montjuïc. This makes the bike ride interesting and fun for both children and parents!

Con Mucho Gusto!

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