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Barcelona´s Twin Towers

Hotel Arts and Torre Mapfre Barcelona´s Twin towers have become modern landmarks for Barcelona. They are the iconic symbols for the 1992 Olympic village near the beach. Connecting the Marina Street with the seaside and providing a great view over the Sagrada Familia, the twin towers have an excellent location.

  1. The funky tower on the left hand side is Hotel Arts (if you look with your back towards the sea). The architecture is unique as it seems like the inside became the outside of the building. The interior is amazing and luxurious. The tower is 154 meters high and has 44 floors. The architect Bruce Graham designed the building, but… the tower was not ready to be a hotel for the 1992 Olympic Games. The Olympic Players were given free accommodation in the building and other rooms were rented as bed and breakfasts. The hotel was only completed in 1994 and opened its doors as Hotel Ritz. Now known as Hotel Arts, with 28 luxury suites on the highest floor and the gastronomic restaurant from top chef Sergi Arola. Arola was once a pupil of the famous chef Ferran Adrià and now has his own restaurant here. The hotel has a special and unique art collection and is one of the most expensive in town.

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  1. Torre Mapfre (Tower Mapfre) is an office building and financed by the insurance company Mapfre. It is located on the right hand side if you look with your back towards the sea. This tower is also is 154 meters high, but has 42 floors. The architects Iñigo Ortiz and Enrique de León designed the building. Different companies have their offices here. This building was finished in time for the 1992 Olympics!

  2. Other than the Twin Towers, you can admire the Golden Fish, an enormous statue made by Frank Gehry for the 1992 Olympics. You will also find a public hospital, a nice selection of boats, restaurants and clubs nearby. During summer you can also have a drink in one of the nice chiringuitos : beach bars. Either on the beach or next to the hospital.

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  1. If you want to make a booking for Hotel Arts, please click here.

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